Privacy Policy

Welcome to Mandg Technology

Users privacy  is important to us, and we respects and take care of users privacy data. In order to make our apps work more effectively, our apps applied some privacy permissions, and collects some data.

In order to eliminate all users worried about the data we collected,this privacy policy will explain how our apps collects, stores, uses the data collected about you.

1 What data we collect

Personal data:“Personal data” is data that identifies you, which may be transmitted or received when you use our services. Personal data may be: your name, telephone number, email address, physical address, calendar entries, phone book entries, files, photos, geographical location and any other data that can identify you.

Non-Personal data:“Non-Personal data” is data that does not directly identify you or any other individuals. Non-Personal data may be: type/model of your mobile device,OS version, language used in system, country code or information about how you use your device.

For Personal data, We do NOT collect any Personal data about you.

For Non-Personal data, we just use these data for user analysis, not related to specific user behavior.For example, we use device’s IMEI indirectly to statistics the number of users.

2 How we store, and disclose information about you

As we do not collect any Personal data about you, and use Non-Personal data indirectly, so we can’t store or disclose any data about you.

3 Third-party services

We may include advertisements and analytic services that may be provided by third parties (“Third Party Services”). This Policy does not apply to any Third Party Services and/or to any information collected by the providers of Third Party Services. Such Third Party Services providers have their own privacy policies and we advise you to read them carefully. We shall not be responsible for the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal or Non-Personal data by any Third Party Services.

Third Party Services we work with:

4 Android permissions


All Permissions are used in apps to provide best user experience. All personal and non-personal data obtained by the use of above Permissions are used only by the apps itself and are not stored, used, disclosed outside of the apps.

5 Contact Us

If you have any questions about our apps,our policy or services, you can contact us via email at